1 Mom Against Money is meant to chronicle my experiences learning money saving strategies and raising our family on a fixed income. I am a Work at Home mom to an energetic 10 year old and a very busy 5 year old. Like many people money is tight. I met and married my husband almost 14 years ago while in college and we had hopes that after graduation a wonderful job offer would come. But fate was not on our side. Just as the economy started having problems, my husband graduated and good jobs with little experience became hard to find. Then as always, life happens, I had some medical problems after the birth of our first son, and bills came rolling in literally months after we finished college. Add to it, student loans and we had to learn pretty quick how to live on even less than we had been.


I work at home as a freelance writer, so writing has always been a way to organize, analyze and evaluate how things are going. I figured a blog would be the perfect outlet for sharing what works and what doesn’t even if it is only with myself!

I chose the title 1 Mom Against Money, because it sums up how I currently feel about money. I am hoping to learn to view it more as a tool than an enemy. So if you found us, I hope you can find something worthwhile here too.

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