A Happy Addition

photoSay hello to the latest addition to our household. I have been wanting an upright freezer for a long time, but it really wasn’t in the budget. So anytime I was able to save money in any areas of our budget I was moving that money over to a freezer fund. It was slow going, and I was really tempted to use money from our tax return to get one, but that money needed to be put to other uses.

I was about halfway to enough money for a freezer, when a couple weeks ago I was out running and there was this freezer on the side of the road with a sign that said free. I dragged my poor husband out to get it and we put it in the garage. I looked it over and while it had a few dings, the freezer was in pretty good condition. We plugged it in, it got cold and then after a couple hours stopped working. So I called an appliance repairman. He came out and found that the motor fan wasn’t working. The part was only $35. By the end of the day I had a nice new (to me anyway) upright freezer for only $170. The repairman said the rest of it looked like it was in great condition and it should run great for us for years! So my patience paid off in a big way. The other money I had put in the freezer fund was used to get a zoo membership for our family, and pay for swimming lessons for the kids for this summer. Now I have a freezer and our family has some fun times ahead of us.


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