Super Clean HouseWe are going to start tackling small appliances in the kitchen. I know we haven’t done the inside of the stove yet, but it is still hot out so I am waiting until it cools off a little.

Today’s Task: The Toaster

1. Unplug your toaster

2. Get out your garbage can and hold the toaster over it.

3. If you turn it over you should see a flap you can open on the bottom. Open it to let the crumbs out. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know your toaster doesn’t have that, I’ve met tons of people who didn’t know 🙂

4. After you get the crumbs out. Close the flap, and start working on the outside.

5. Use a wet cloth to wipe of any crumbs that are stuck on top.

6. Wipe all sides with the cloth and if you have any areas that seem to have a messy film, use our trusty old rubbing alcohol on a paper towel to get it off.

That’s it!


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