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Braided Crochet Cowl

Braided Crochet Cowl

Get the Pattern: Double Layered Braided Crochet Cowl

This braided crochet cowl was made using a pattern over at My Hobby Is Crochet. She did a wonderful job with it, so I want to give her full credit and make sure anyone who wants to do it goes and visits her blog. (I know it kind of drives me crazy when I have to click to another place, but it’s totally worth it.) The pattern can be found here: Double Layered Braided Cowl

Her pattern is lovely but I did modify it a bit for myself. I have a small frame and a really small neck, so I decided to only do the first layer and I did not do the button attachment instead I did 6 rows at each end (following her pattern) and then just stitched the two ends together. This makes it so that it sits well on me, but others might not need the adjustment. Measure around your neck to find out how long you want yours and go from there.

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