Lunar Chronicles Series Review
Lunar Chronicles Book 1 Cinder


Cinder by Marissa Meyer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Plot and characters made this a uniquely different “cinderella” story. Some of the backstory is lacking, I often felt like I was getting the same information over and over and not the information that I actually wanted. Plot moves relatively quickly. Makes you evaluate what defines human, but beyond that this is essentially a plot driven quick read with a few fun twists. (Click on image to see it on Amazon) Review under the final book covers the rest of the series.

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Lunar Chronicles Scarlet Book 2

Lunar Chronicles Cress Book 3

Lunar Chronicles Fairest Book 4


Lunar Chronicles Winter Book 5

Winter by Marissa Meyer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The¬†Lunar Chronicle Series is a good entertaining story, but not much more. I continued the series, mostly just to find out how it ends. The writing is good, the writer at least does not get in your way of enjoying the plot, but there isn’t much more here than the plot. I was pretty convinced I already knew the outcome before I started this book, I was right. I did enjoy the way some of the fairy tale was added into the story. A good summer vacation read. ¬†(Click image to see it on Amazon.)

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