Monster Party Monster Containers

Monster Goldfish BowlMonster Tentacles

The monster party theme makes decorating so easy. The monster party monster containers I made took less than an hour to do them all. I just used masking tape to put a couple large googly eyes on the “goldfish Monster bowl”. I also added googly eyes to the water container and the glass vase holding the Monster tentacles (Twizzler pull-n-peel fruit punch licorice).

Monster Party Food table Decorations

The blue fuzzy monster container holding the silverware is a mason jar. I wrapped a blue fuzzy scarf I found at the thrift store (freshly laundered when I got it home) around the jar. I used masking tape to keep the scarf in place. Then I used masking tape to add the one eye. I cut the teeth out of some white felt and because the scarf was so fuzzy, all I had to do was put the felt on it and it stuck. I think it’s fun because the silverware looks like crazy monster hair.  I used some roll on adhesive to add the eyes to the orange party cups. My 4 year old loved that it looked like a bunch of monsters were peeking out at him when the cups were all stacked.

Fuzzy Blue Monster Container

The Eye of Newt container was also made using a scarf; this time, one we already had. The container was just a plastic one that originally held mixed nuts. It had a wide opening so I kept it hoping that it would be big enough to hold the pretzels and it was! I used masking tape to get the scarf to stay wrapped around the container and then more masking tape for the googly eyes and then white felt for the teeth.

The food labels are something that I designed myself. All of the paper product items I designed will be available as a kit to download in the shop. I almost have it all ready to add, so watch for it in the next couple of days.

I’ve seen lots of other fun ideas for Monster party food tables. I am including a few of my favorites below with links to where to find more info.

This awesome monster party food table over at inspired me to make containers into monsters. She has some awesome tutorials and ideas for food for a monster party. I really love how versatile and adorable this theme is!’s pictures of her niece’s cookie monster themed birthday party are what inspired all the googly eyes for our party. Seriously so smart, simple and cute!

Want more monster party inspiration? Visit this post here to see all the pictures from this fun party.


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