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I love a good challenge, and a 30 day challenge is a great way to give yourself a crash course on almost anything. There is nothing like a short term focused effort to teach you a lot fast! I’ve done this same challenge in the past as a personal growth effort, but I just printed these again and have added them to my planner as a family activity.

With the pandemic changing our lives so dramatically (and after I made the realization that my kids will be out of school for 6 months, yikes!) I knew I needed to find some extra things we could learn and that would help us be happily engaged together. This fits the bill and can be done at any level from beginner to advanced. At the end I plan to put it all in a book to print. I think it will be fun to have our different interpretations of the prompts all together in a book.

30 day photo challenge

It’s easy to implement; just take a picture following the daily suggestion. I’ve mentioned before that my youngest is struggling with expressing stories, so I’ve been asking him about his photos. I figure even if all he does is tell me a two sentence mini story it will help.

Ideas for the 30 day photo challenge range from photos of nature, like trees and water, to broader ideas like circles or a pattern. There are also ideas that make the photos a little more personal like A favorite book or something that reminds you of your childhood.

How To Make Stickers?

Two different color options are available for these stickers; classic rainbow and pastel. 

I use a Cricut to print and cut my stickers (the .png image is best for this). I also use a classic Happy Planner, but these stickers can be adapted to other planners and calendars too! The stickers can be made with this sticker paper from Amazon (the preset paper setting on the Cricut works perfectly for it). Or you can print on sticker paper and just use scissors to cut out your stickers.

If that is a bit much, you can just print the page on regular paper and check off each challenge as you complete it (the pdf is easiest to print).

When we complete our challenge I’ll share how making the book goes.

The buttons to download are below. Enjoy!

Free Planner Stickers print for a photo a day


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