We’ve had a busy few weeks, some of it fun, like family visiting and some not so fun, like my poor husband getting a kidney stone! I’ve been busy working on projects as usual and just haven’t had time to post them.

With school coming up I’ve been taking stock of Aiden’s clothes. He had a couple of pairs of really nice pants that will fit him for awhile, but he has managed to already put holes in the knees.

I’ve done all kinds of patches, this one was a little harder though because aside from the hole that you can see in the picture the fabric around it was pretty threadbare, so I needed to come up with something larger and very sturdy. I opted for overlapping square patches. Aiden thinks they are “cool”.

It’s a straightforward project until you try to sew those patches onto those tiny little leg sections of the jeans but we’ll get to that. I started by using some scrap denim from a pair of jeans I turned into shorts for Aiden. I didn’t rescue those pants soon enough and the holes were too big to salvage them as pants. I cut 4 matching squares from the scrap fabric.

Then I sewed right sides together, leaving a space on the side so I could turn it right side out. Turn both squares right side out and your patches are ready. I used some iron fusing to adhere the patches where I wanted them. Then I used the sewing machine to sew the sides I could get to. It was probably safe to leave it at that but I opted to also pull out a needle and thread and put a few stitches on the other edges just to keep them down. Now let’s just see Aiden try to wear a hole through 4 layers of denim! This pair of jeans just might make it to be worn by our next son!


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