Work is moving forward at the home that we are helping to remodel.

4 bulk pick ups and 5 trips to Goodwill later, all the stuff is out of the house.

The kitchen was gutted,

So was the laundry room.


All the carpet was removed.


And the deck has been removed.


We also cleared out the yard and mowed it.

There has also already been an on the job injury, my Dad missed a step and fractured his foot. He has to wear a boot, and the doctor expects it will take 6-8 weeks at the very least to heal. This house has definitely been an adventure so far, but it is neat to see the difference already and we haven’t really done anything yet but get rid of garbage. Next up is full demo day, we will be removing the tile, all the walls (the wiring is aluminum so it has to be completely re-done), and gutting the bathrooms.


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