We have been spending all our extra time helping my parents fix up a home that they will be renting out. They had the opportunity to purchase it at about 70% below it’s state tax appraisal price. That’s an incredible deal, but as you can see from the pictures it needs a ton of work.

The outside is not terrible. It’s a cute home. The roof is newer, so is the heater and AC, the windows are only about 6 years old, but it needs new gutters and we need to fix some drainage issues. And it needs a new front door.

The backyard was overgrown and the two patios were covered in inches of leaves. There are a few spots where the siding needs to be fixed and painted. The deck was a bit weird and not up to code.

The inside was dirty. Really dirty. We probably swept up enough dog hair to make four dogs. We killed a vacuum trying to get rid of the dog hair. The previous owner left a bunch of furniture, garbage, food in the kitchen and even hampers full of dirty clothes. There were rat droppings all over the kitchen. Holes in all the walls, most of the doors, and a layer of dust and dirt like I’ve never seen before.

So there is a glimpse into what we started with. Like I said we might be crazy! I’ll post updates as we work on it and hopefully we will have some awesome before and afters!


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