pinterest image 150 per monthA lot of people don’t believe me when I tell them we only spend $150 a month on groceries. And I include toiletries and household maintenance items (paper towels, toilet paper, lightbulbs, cleaning supplies etc.) in that $150 a month!

The question I get asked most often is: Do you eat out all the time?
No, actually almost never. The last time we ate out was for our anniversary. The next most often asked question is: Are you all light eaters? Again no, we all can eat a fair amount, and are active people.

I figured since it seems to mystify so many people that I would share how I do it. I also share what we eat (so you know we actually eat).

So yesterday I made a trip to Aldi. I usually head to Aldi for a large shopping trip about once a month. It just happened to fall on the first this time.
Here is my reciept:


I allow 1 splurge item per person when I go to Aldi. So the Swiss Rolls (my 6 year olds splurge item), Yogurt covered raisins (1 year olds splurge item), Maple Cream cookies (my and husbands splurge item) are optional things. 🙂

I also headed over to CVS yesterday. Here is my reciept:

I was excited for the conditioner sale. I am down to a half a bottle. And I haven’t replaced my toothbrush or my wonderful husbands in a bit.
On top of saving $36! I also got $7 in Extra Care Bucks that I can use another trip.

Now a lot of people will look at what I got and say how are you possibly going to feed your family on that? Well really I’m not feeding them on just what I bought yesterday. I continually shop sales and deals. The trip to Aldi was really just to replenish some items I haven’t been able to find on sale and to stock up on more fruit. So some of the things I post that we eat will have items in them that I have not purchased this month. But I haven’t spent over $165 on groceries in the last year so really it is a matter of using my resources and making dinners work based on sale items.

So what we’ve had to eat the last couple of days (I’m only going to post our meals for a week. I’m sure after that you will get the idea):
April 1
My sons had: Cereal, strawberries, applesauce and each a piece of banana bread.
I had strawberries and a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey. My wonderful husband doesn’t eat breakfast (drives me crazy but I can’t convince him to).

Cheese and Crackers, yogurt, Mandarin Oranges and each of us had a piece of Easter candy
Hubby: Ham and Cheese sandwich, Wheat thins, and 2 cookies

Snack for the boys: graham crackers, milk and a banana

Biscuits and chicken with gravy
Each a piece of cake leftover from Easter
April 2
Aiden and I had a bagel with cream cheese and some milk
Kian (who I think must be growing because geesh!) had applesauce, handful of cereal, piece of banana bread, handful of grapes, half a cup of milk and a piece of toast

Aiden and Kian had chicken nuggets, strawberries, carrots and a cookie each
I had yogurt with a banana and granola (Kian ate about half of it) and a handful of wheat thins
Hubby: Ham and Cheese sandwich, Wheat thins, and 2 cookies

Macaroni and Cheese
grapes and apple slices

There you have it. I’ll be adding more posts as the month goes on.


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