For anyone who is looking for a quick way to save money groceries are always the first place to start. You can do a lot when it comes to saving money on groceries and household items, and it doesn’t always have to include coupons, bulk shopping or a dramatic change in your eating habits.

Ibotta is a FREE app that gives you instant rebates on items you already shop for. They regularly offer rebates called “Any Brand” rebates where you can get .25 cents off any brand cereal,pet items, bread, drinks, produce items and more. I love the any brand offers because even if that is the only rebate I use for the week’s grocery shopping I can still save around $1 each week. That adds up! They also offer bonuses like cash back offers. For example this week they are offering 10% cash back on an entire purchase at JoAnn’s. Ibotta is by far one of the easiest and most efficient ways I save money on groceries.

How to Earn $10 with Ibotta Quickly

  1. Click here to register for Ibotta.
  2.  Fill in your information and use this unique code: o8dusq  The code gives you access to the $10 bonus!
  3. Download the free app to your phone.
  4. Within the first week, go grocery shopping and redeem any rebate (except for the any brand rebates).
  5. Upload your receipt and you will get your $10 bonus!

Want to become a super savvy Ibotta User? Keep reading!


My Ibotta Saving Tips:

Make Lists

Make up your regular grocery shopping list first (if you aren’t already making a list before going grocery shopping, I highly encourage it. Lists save you from getting impulse items, making extra trips to the store because you forgot something, or buying double of something that you already have). Then open up Ibotta and search for the store you will be visiting. Scroll through the offered rebates and see if any match your list. If there are rebates on items that aren’t on your list, but you will be running out of in the near future, add them to your list, because the rebates change regularly.

Don’t Forget

After going shopping I make sure my receipt goes into my purse. When I get home I take 2-3 minutes to upload the receipt before I put my groceries away. This way I make sure I get it done.

Loyalty Cards?

If your favorite grocery store has a loyalty card, check to see if you can upload it to Ibotta with this list. If your store is one of their preferred partners you can link your card by clicking verify purchases in the app and scanning or entering the number on your loyalty card. By doing this, you don’t even have to upload receipts, just make sure your rebates are added before you check out and once you scan your card you are set.

Bonus Rebates

Bonus rebates are generally linked to the season, for example, it’s back to school season right now and they are offering an extra $1 rebate if you buy any three lunch related items. The extra $1 is on top of the rebates already offered on those items. Under your account you can click on “Bonus” to see all of the available bonus rebates.

Dollar Tree

If you have a Dollar Tree near you, it is a great place to use Ibotta. It can be hit or miss because Dollar Tree stock varies greatly, but I’ve been able to purchase Kleenex, cereal, soaps, and snack foods for free with Ibotta and Dollar Tree because the rebate was $1 off!



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