I’m trying to do at least two “learning activities” with my boys each day. My children have a large age gap, so I’ve been trying to create activities that can be used across different ages and adapted to different learning needs. I also run two businesses and a household so I need the activities to be easy to implement and not require a ton of supplies. Easy right? 🙂

What we did:

  1. Printed off the worksheet. Click on the download button below the image of the worksheet to download.
  2. Each child walked through the house and picked one item that they wanted to learn about.
  3. I did a quick check on YouTube for the items they picked to make sure there was a video on how it was made. There are so many available I bet pretty much everything in our homes has a “How’s It Made” video.
  4. They filled out their educated guesses.
  5. We watched the videos. I encouraged both boys to pay attention so they could help the other one if they missed something.
  6. They filled out the bottom portion of the worksheet.
  7. They looked up the new words and I challenged them to use the words a some point during the rest of the day.

What this activity teaches:

  • Critical thinking, making good guesses
  • Writing (I required complete sentences and checked their grammar)
  • Listening skills (I told them to read ahead and know what they should be listening for in the videos)
  • Learned how to look up words in a dictionary.
  • Spelling words that have never been seen before.
  • Appreciation and respect for the time and resources put into everyday objects. Both boys talked a lot about how crazy it was that so much time and effort went into making their item.

I hope this can help others create a fun, easy, educational experience at home!


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  1. What a great worksheet! We used it yesterday to learn how legos are made (plastic), and today we learned how bubble gum is made (plastic and rubber??!!). Thanks for the idea and the printable, Becca!

    1. That’s awesome! I’m so glad to hear that your family enjoyed it!

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