Both of my boys expressed interest in wanting to know the plants in our area. Since trees and bushes are starting to bud I thought it would be a good time to start.

A few of the plants we photographed. The app will identify by leaf, flower or bark.

We kept it super simple and downloaded an app called LeafSnap. All you do is snap a picture with your phone and it helps you identify it. There were a few that we had to use some logical reasoning to determine if it was actually the correct plant.

It was fun, we got some fresh air and learned a lot about leaf shapes and different types of plants. My boys took turns finding a plant and taking a photo. It was almost like a treasure hunt, or a nature walk (my kids have informed me they are too old for a nature walk…sigh).

This is a great option for working with girl scout or boy scout troops, a homeschool group or just as something different than a simple family walk.


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