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My son’s teacher mentioned at parent teacher conferences that he could work a bit on learning the parts of a story. I suspected that he knew just wasn’t expressing what he knew because he is not a fan of the time needed to write out thoughts, but I figured we would start at the beginning.

We found this great story: “The Panda Problem”. It is a great introduction to the different parts of a story and it is fun and interesting so it will hold your readers attention. There is a read aloud version linked below, but it could also be found at the library or here on Amazon.

We talked about the different parts of a story while reading, and then we did this worksheet together. I let him take breaks because I really wanted to see what he knew. Turns out there are a few things he is missing in his understanding of the parts of a story, but that is okay, now we can work on them!

The worksheet we did is available to download below. I hope it can help in your classroom or home. Enjoy!


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