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I love planners. It gives me the opportunity to decorate and create while taking some quiet time to review the upcoming week and reflect on the last week. I thought with the Stay Home order my planner would become unused…not so. If anything it’s been more necessary (seriously how else am I gonna know what day it is and if I took my vitamins?)

I have had more time to create and use pretty stickers, so I thought I would share. Sometimes I love a super coordinated week like this and sometimes it’s a little more eclectic. Either way it is fun to have freedom to create.

Weekly planner kits are a super easy way to decorate your planner. Everything you need is on one sheet! The Queen weekly planner printable stickers sheet has a perfect mix of decorative and functional stickers in lovely shades of pink and grey. Some of the great functional items include To Do checklist stickers, drink water reminder stickers, and headers. Some of the fun decorative items included are quotes (remember to wear that invisible crown!), full box patterned stickers, and some crown stickers.

I use a Cricut to print and cut my stickers. I also use a classic Happy Planner (shown above, if you click on the image you can see reviews etc. on Amazon), but these stickers can be adapted to other planners and calendars too! I use these free weekly planner stickers with this sticker paper from Amazon (the preset paper setting on the Cricut works perfectly for it).


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