This how to is a handmade version of a seek and find bag. It was something I came up with after seeing them all over at stores for more than I wanted to pay. If you are interested in buying one rather than making it I would suggest some made by Iplay. I’ve seen them and they are really durable.

Here is a portion of the how to I wrote followed by a link to read it all.

You will want to gather some supplies first. You will need a large package of beads all the same color, a quart size reclosable bag, hole punch, sewing machine, heavy cardstock, key ring, white paper, scissors, stickers, about thirty to forty small interesting objects.

Read it all here.

I’ve made a few different versions of this for friends. I’ve used Perler beads, pony beads and bean bag filler plastic pellets. I would highly recommend the bean bag filler pellets. The beads are a little too bulky.

I would love to see if anyone gives this a try. I’ve “re-made” Aiden’s multiple times and changed out items each time so it would be like getting a new one. Another nice aspect of making it yourself versus buying it.


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