Finding fun educational and frugal ways to entertain my preschooler, can sometimes be a daunting task. I was lucky enough to land a freelance job a couple years ago where I spent time putting together ideas of activities that go along with movies and books that preschoolers enjoy. When I am at a loss this “library” of preschooler activities is the first place I go. They are published online already, but I thought sharing them after I use them with a follow up review of what worked and what didn’t would be nice.
This week we did The Lion King.

My son has never seen The Lion King. We borrowed it from a friend and while he watched it I went to the article to get ideas. Following is a little clip of the article followed by the link where you can read the whole thing.

Music Time

  • In Lion King, African music is featured and a lot of this music features drums. If your child has a drum, get it out and turn on some music and help them find the beat. If you don’t have a drum, a pan or a round oats container and a wooden spoon work just as well.

Read all of The Lion King article.
We did all of the activities listed in the article. Aiden really enjoyed finding the beat with a drum and making his own shaker. We used a toilet paper roll, which he decorated with markers. I put some rice inside and then covered both ends with waxed paper and a rubberband. I added a little bit of packing tape too so that the ends wouldn’t open if it was shaken a little too hard.

We also read a few related books that we found at the library.
Africa (True Books)

I would suggest this book for older kids. Aiden is nearly five. He enjoyed the facts and the pictures.

Cool Time Song by Carol Lexa Schaefer

This book incorporates animals of Africa and music. Perfect to go along with the activities.

If you have any other fun suggestions for activities or books, I’d love to hear them!


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