You are currently viewing April 2021 General Conference Quotes from Joy D. Jones

April 2021 General Conference Quotes from Joy D. Jones

The talk by Sister Joy D. Jones was so wonderful! It was titled Essential Conversations and it inspired me to be more deliberate in my teaching in the home with my kids and at the same time better acknowledge the teaching that does happen naturally. Like the talks with my kids while taking them to school, or the discussions we have when reading together.

It also gave me a second to analyze my own conversion and personal internal conversations. Am I having the “essential conversations” with myself to keep me focused on conversion and eternal life? That is a big question, and it has led to priority and focus adjustments.

I put these quote posters together as a way to solidify the messages. I hope they can be beneficial for others too!

LDS General Conference Quote
Mormon General Conference April 2021 Quote
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