NecklaceI know I pinned this necklace tutorial well over a year ago. It was time to get it done! The tutorial shared by Flamingo Toes┬áis really great. There are wonderful up close pictures so even if you don’t have much experience making your own jewelry you should be able to follow along. I opted for adding extra beads only on one side because I like the asymmetrical look. I also tried to branch out on my color choice. I know I pinned it because I like the teal blue of the beads in the necklace that she made, but I have 6 necklaces with blue and zip with pink. I love the way it turned out!

Here is the original necklace from Anthropologie:

It costs $198! While I do love it and it is pretty, I simply don’t have $200 for a necklace. That’s groceries for a month for us! the one I made cost me right around $12 to make. I can handle that and now I have a trendy, lovely and pink necklace to add to my wardrobe.


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