Tomorrow will be our third snow day, and then there is no school Friday. We haven’t gone anywhere since Monday, it is supposed to be bitterly cold tomorrow and let me tell you Cabin Fever is real! So here are some things we have been doing and plan to do to combat cabin fever.

YouTube Snow Day Playlist

I found some short clips on YouTube all snow related. The boys have watched it a couple of times. It has things like “Once There Was a Snowman”, a clip about how snow is formed, another one about snowplows, some of the songs from “Frozen”, and a few others.

Definitely geared toward the younger ages.

Playing outside in the Snow

We played outside for a good 2 hours on Tuesday, not so long today because it was cold, but their favorite thing to do: play with dump trucks in the snow. We also worked on a fort. We plan on sledding Friday and making a snowman.

Make Snowflakes

Kian colored the snowflakes and Aiden cut them out. Then we hung them up to enjoy as decorations. 2-4-2014 (2) 2-4-2014 (3)


Bake Cookies and Decorate Them

We opted for making Snowmen (haha). I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe. To decorate the boys used frosting and a candy decorating pen (has edible ink) that I got in a baking kit on clearance after Christmas. We’ve also used toothpicks dipped in food coloring before too. It works well.

2-4-2014 (12)

2-4-2014 (18)2-4-2014 (15)

Dance Parties!
There always seem to be those moments in the day when the boys are just bugging each other non-stop. That’s when we do a dance party. Sometimes we just turn on a favorite Pandora station, or CD (Beach Boys is by far the favorite) Or we use this YouTube playlist I put together of movement activities and Dancing Songs.

Mommy does them too! The first one, “Going on a Bear Hunt” is the absolute favorite.

Snow Ice Cream
We are lucky enough to have great neighbors who have kids close to Aiden’s and Kian’s ages. They invited us over to make ice cream out of snow! Making it was easy too, just a bowl full of clean snow and a can of sweetened condensed milk. Then mix it all together.
2-5-2014 (2)

Marshmallow Snowmen
We also made snowmen out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Easy and fun to eat! We dipped ours in hot chocolate
2-4-2014 (8)

We’ve also:
Organized 1 small area a day (not the boys favorite thing, but we are all here, might as well get it done).

Played with Playdough

Made Fingerpaintings

Filled out Valentine Cards

Made Birthday Cards

Taught Aiden how to Make Bread Dough

Read a lot of Books

Built the “longest train track ever”

Went bowling on the Wii

We Plan to:

Make mini snow globes like these:

Try this:

(Click the picture to go to the website with directions)

Let Kian give his play cars a carwash with shaving cream.
Have a “Picnic” lunch in the living room while watching a movie.

Play postman: I have different houses that I made out of paper and laminated. Each house is a different color. We tape them onto different doors in the house and then write letters or draw pictures. We mark the letters with the color house they are supposed to go to, and then Aiden and Kian “deliver” them. They will collect them and re-deliver them five or six times. I am thinking about using a dry erase marker and writing some of Aiden’s spelling words on them, and then on the letters so that he has to match the spelling word to deliver it. Just to make it more challenging for him. Kian is pretty good at matching the colors 🙂

Hope this helps someone else in the battle against Cabin Fever!


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