Pinterest is a wonderful thing for a budget savvy family. So many incredible DIY tips and decor step by step projects can be found there. I have an entire board dedicated to projects for Kian’s room. I just finished the first one last night:
Kian Name project

My project is a much smaller version of the original. We placed two long white floating shelves on either side of the window in Kian’s room and I wanted something tall to add some variety to the items on the shelf. I also didn’t think a tall item in Kian’s room would be smart at this stage. He is a climber. So I could only see it causing problems. The letters are corkboard letters. I love the texture they add. I glued the bottom letter to the wood using E-6000 adhesive and then I used straight pins to connect the other letters.

I had a small unfinished plaque I actually picked up at a garage sale for a quarter. I’ve been wanting to try the vinegar stain for a long time and this small project was perfect. I figured if it didn’t work I could always paint it. I started out trying pennies in vinegar (another suggestion in the pin), but it didn’t work. Maybe the pennies needed to be older? I’m not sure. But the steel wool worked beautifully. I left it in the vinegar overnight and stained my peice of wood in the morning.



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