Choosing artwork for your home is very personal and I feel is one of the hardest things to do in decorating. If I’m going to look at something everyday, I better love it! Add in that art costs a lot of money, and I often experience decision paralysis. So I am always on the hunt for lower cost prints and artwork. These stunning magnolia watercolor paintings are in the public domain, and are vintage artworks. I decided to clean them up a bit in photoshop and print them for a gallery wall in my master bedroom. I found the frames at an estate sale for $2 each. So for $12 I have some beautiful art in my room!

I thought I would pass along the enhanced files for you all to use too. These would be perfect for spring decor.

You can download it in the new 1momagainstmoney shop (p.s. I know it says shop, but most of the items are free!)

Sizes included are:


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