pinterest image 150 per monthWe were running low on milk, so I stopped by at Sam’s Club (which has the lowest price on milk in our area) and picked up two gallons of milk. I didn’t save the receipt but it was $2.69 per gallon.

No other shopping trips so far. I am up to $82.81 total for the month. But what we ate:

April 3:
Breakfast: Cereal for everyone.
Hubby had a ham and cheese sandwich, wheat thins, water and two cookies
Aiden a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut (he earned a free one by reading through school) glass of milk
Kian: 3 chicken nuggets, piece of cheese, handful of grapes and a cup of milk
I had leftovers
Snack: We all had some grapes and a banana
Dinner: Copycat Cafe Rio Chicken Tortilla Soup I try to try out a new recipe once a week or so. This one was a huge hit.
Homemade Ice Cream

April 4th
Breakfast: Everyone had bagels with cream cheese and grapes
Hubby Ham and Cheese sandwich, wheat thins, water and two cookies (see a pattern? I have no idea how he eats the same thing everyday 🙂 )
Aiden: leftover mac and cheese
Kian: cheese and ritz crackers, orange
I had leftover soup
Snack: Aiden and Kian both had graham crackers and milk
I had a yogurt
Dinner: Tortellini with marinara sauce, deviled eggs, grapes

April 5th
Breakfast: Cereal for everyone

Hubby Ham and Cheese sandwich, wheat thins, water and two cookies
Aiden and Kian: Chicken nuggets, bananas, graham crackers
I had ham and cheese rolled in a tortilla, celery and carrot sticks

Homemade pizza and salad
Homemade Ice Cream

April 6th
I made pancakes
Lunch: leftover pizza
Dinner: Tacos, pineapple





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