pinterest image 150 per monthI headed out to pick up some items at HyVee and Hen House today. It was a pretty good week for sales on things we use on a regular basis.

At HyVee I got:
Apple Cinnamon Bagels and Plain Bagels on sale at 2 for $3
Kemps Single Ice Cream on sale for $1 plus I had a coupon for .50 cents off (a treat for Aiden)
Cherry Jello .55 cents
Strawberry Jello .55 cents (on sale)
HyVee Cake Mix 2 for $1.09 each
Alphabet Cookies on sale for .88 cents
Post Marshmallow Cereal on sale for $1.77
Post Sesame Street Cereal 2 at $1.77 plus I had 2 coupons for $1 off each one. So just .77 cents a box!
Dole Romaine Classic Salad $1
Total: $13.18

At Hen House I got:
Texas Toast Croutons on sale for .99 cents plus I had a coupon for .40 cents off and Hen House doubles coupons under .50 cents and under so I got a bag for .19 cents! (I got two bags at that incredible price might as well!)

Gardettos mix and Chex Mix on sale for $1 plus I had .50 cents off two which Hen House doubled to $1 off so they were .50 cents each.

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls on sale for $1 plus I had a coupon for .40 cents off two which doubled to .80 cents off making them just .60 cents each.

2 pounds ground turkey at .99 cents a pound
1 package Hormel maple sausages .99 cents
and 1 pound strawberries on sale for .99 cents
Grand total: $7.14 I saved $15.48 or 71%!

Up to: $130.58 for this month.



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