My son is in a Lego League. They get together and have some sort of Lego challenge that they have to complete. It was our turn to host recently so I came up with this fun Lego Christmas themed challenge.

LEGO STEM Challenge

The idea is that the toys in Santa’s workshop are stuck because of a huge blizzard and there isn’t enough time to shovel all the snow, but they have a lot of Lego so they can create something to get the toys from the workshop to Santa’s sleigh.

LEGO STEM Challenge

The boys in this group settled mostly on catapults and ziplines, but bridges, slides or other ideas could also work. Since I was already putting this together I figured I would share it with you all too.

Lego Christmas STEM Challenge

I included everything you will need for the challenge (minus Legos) in the FREE printable! There is a little prep work required; cutting out and folding the presents and cutting out the sleigh and toy workshop and taping them to a box or other sturdy surface, but it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes or so.

It can be downloaded in my free “shop”.

This is a great activity idea for a Christmas party, classroom, homeschool group or just as a family fun night challenge. You could extend this challenge or make it harder by narrowing down what they can do. Like limiting how many LEGO can be used, or what type, or limiting the time.

We played Christmas music while the boys worked and had milk and cookies afterward!




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