Kmart Shoe Sale!

Aiden and my wonderful husband are both in dire need of shoes. Trying to get either of them to make a decision or even go out to buy shoes is like pulling teeth. I was looking online just to see if there was anything worthwhile, and found Kmart doing a buy one get one free sale. Perfect! It is only going on through midnight tonight though so hurry if you are interested.

Aiden picked out these:


And my wonderful husband needed a new pair for volleyball. His other ones literally exploded. The sides are completely gone.

He picked out these:


The Buy one get one free discount was automatically deducted of course from the lowest price item.

So my total went from $56.96 ($6.98 shipping) to $36.97. I have a Kmart shop your way rewards account so I got free shipping. Down to $29.99! I also had some reward points. They are about to expire so I figured I might as well use them all. They took off $4.43. That put it at $25.56 then there was $2.43 in tax. So my grand total was $27.99. For two pairs of boys shoes! That’s a steal. But wait there is more. For the purchase I earned 260 reward points. Plink (learn more about it here) is also running a double point special for Kmart. So I earned 250 points through them as well. It’s a nice boost to my next gift card.

To see the sale items at kmart click here.

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