Today’s post is just an overview of the party. It has lots of pictures, but not a lot of explanation. I’ll give tutorials and better explanations of each part over the next few days and link them back here. My son’s request for his birthday party theme was “creepy monsters, with lots of eye balls.” I’ve dubbed it the Monster Birthday Party. He helped me design the little monsters on the invite, banner and food labels, and googly eyes became my best friend. Total budget for this party was $60, I came in under that spending only $44.


Monster Bash Invitation

The invitation is now available in the shop! You can download it, and use free adobe reader to customize the information to fit your party. Find it here or by clicking on the shop button in the upper right hand corner of our menu.

The food table

Monster Party Birthday Bash

Food:Monster Bash Food Monster Fingers and Eye Of Newt Pretzels

Want a tutorial on how to make the cute monster pretzels? See it here.
Monster Tentacles Food table decor

Visit the Monster Party Monster Containers to find out how I made these, and for more ideas.

Monster Rice Krispies

Find out how to make the monster rice krispie treats in this post: Monster Rice Krispie Treats

Goldfish Monster Monster Fingernails

Monster Cake


Monster Balloon Pillars

Monster Balloons

Monster Balloons

Happy Birthday Banner



Build Your Own Monster Cookies

Build Your Own Monster Cookies

Monster Factory

Monster Factory

Monster Truck Knock Down

Monster Truck Knock Down Game Monster Truck Knock Down Game

Monster Toss

Monster Toss Game

Monster Toss Monsters

Thank You Gift

Adopt-a-monster-party-thank-you-gift Monster-crayons-thank-you-gift



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