I’ll openly admit I am a neat freak. I blame my Dad (you should see the man pack a suitcase), but there are some definite benefits. Having to live on a small budget has taught me that being frugal doesn’t just mean being wise with your money. It is being wise with all of your resources. However, if you don’t know what you have or where it is, you are missing out on a lot of savings. Being a neat freak does not mean I get rid of everything, in fact I see value in a lot of things most people probably wouldn’t. It just means it has a place and that I am willing to part with it if I discover it is something that I will not use.

Since we are on a small budget, that also means our home is small, so organizing well is key to my sanity and by extension my family’s happiness (you know that saying, if Mama ain’t happy…). Over the next few weeks I hope to share what I have found works for us and would love to get feedback and ideas from anyone else too.


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