Over the Door Shoe Holder

This is one of those organization ideas that I wish I would have come up with sooner. We have a closet in our bathroom. It has nice big shelves, the problem was that all the small bathroom items like travel size bottles, Q-tips, cotton balls etc. were just everywhere. I tried doing small containers, but it took me forever when I wanted to find something to look through them and the shelves are deep and narrow so labeling them didn’t even help. For $5 at Walmart I picked up an over the door shoe organizer that has clear pockets. The small things fit nicely in the pockets and they are easy to find. Organization Perfection!

I am going to pick up a few more the next time I am at the store and use one in my son’s closet and one for our other bathroom closet too. I could see it being perfect on a pantry closet too for holding smaller items.


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