With a soon to be five year old I’ve run into the problem of multiple part toys. Life was simpler when he was a toddler and toys only had 2 or 3 pieces. Now Aiden has k’nex, cars, dinosaurs, legos and others. I was looking for a cheap and simple solution when I cam across some shelves that were inexpensive but still looked nice.


They are long somewhat skinny and also stackable. They come with a unit to anchor them to the wall too. I got two and tried them out in the closet (bonus they come in different lengths, so if your closet is longer or shorter you can get a shelf that fits). We had a few plastic dishwashing bins from a friend who used to run a preschool. They fit perfectly. I also found more at the dollar store. Each bin holds a different type of toy. There is also a random toy bin (McD’s toys and toys from birthday party bags etc.) when it gets full, I have Aiden go through and pick out his favorites to keep. We still need to add the pictures on the bins so Aiden knows which one is which.

For around $35 I have a wonderful toy organizing system that my son uses well. The bins are great because Aiden can bring one out into the living room (where he likes to be if I am in the kitchen cooking) and play then easily put them back in and put them back in his closet. And because of the nature of the shelves I am confident that even when we move I will be able to find a place to use them.


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