These are fun and easy to make, plus budget friendly…my kind of gift!

You will need:

Small tin pails



Chalkboard Paint (found at most craft stores)

Masking Tape

Tall Cellophane bags



Printable tags Found Here

Put a line of masking tape around the top of the tin pail. Paint on the chalkboard paint following the directions on the bottle. Be aware that most require 24 hours to set fully.

While the paint is drying, print the tags. Cut them out. Fold them in half and glue them to the top of a toothpick. Put your cookies in the cellophane bag and tie with ribbon. (I made homemade oreos a recipe I’ll be sharing on Friday!) Put the tags in the knot of the ribbon. When the paint is dry remove the masking tape and write your teachers name on the pail with chalk. I also added a piece of chalk in the tin pail. That’s it! My son gave them to his three preschool teachers and we got so many wonderful comments on them. Who doesn’t love cookies? Plus the tin can be used for holding items on the teachers desk.

Now for the price break down:

Tin pails $1 each from the dollar section in Target

Chalk $1 at dollar store

Chalkboard paint $1.50 at Micheal’s

I used ribbon and masking tape I had on hand from other craft projects

Cellophane bags $2.00 for 20 (I’m sure I’ll use the rest)

Ingredients for cookies about $2

Total: $9.50 for three teacher gifts. Plus I have leftovers of items that I am sure I will use later. I have already come up with three crafts I want to use the chalkboard paint on!


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