Super fun math learning game recommendation from

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With the COVID-19 precautions like most of you we are out of school for the rest of the year, so I have been looking for ways to:

  1. Keep screen time down
  2. Have fun
  3. Encourage learning without doing a million worksheets
  4. Find things that will engage both of my kids (big age gap here, 13 and 8)

I wasn’t sure I would find a math related item that would fit all those things, but I came across this game at a thrift store a while back and we are loving it.

Super fun math learning game recommendation from

Prime Climb has Versatility, Easy Rules, Quick Game Time and it’s Super Fun!

My second grader is in the middle of really learning multiplication tables. This game really helps promote that, but it can also be played just using addition and subtraction. There are helpful hints built into the game so that kids can figure out the answer they need without feeling frustrated. The hints are a great way to teach multiplication in a very visual way.

This game also teaches prime numbers. My 13 year old who is really great at math still found this game challenging by setting harder rules which required him to use more division and avoid using the hints on the board.

It was also a good mental math workout for me!

How To Play

Educational Topics Used In This Game

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Prime Numbers
  • Math Factors
  • Logical thinking
  • Planning and Making Decisions
  • Mental Math
  • Ability to Check Work Easily
  • Visual Representation of Multiplication and Division

If you have kids in the 2nd-7th grade age range I highly recommend it as an additional learning tool.


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