With our stay at home order because of the Coronavirus, we are all home all together, every day. For the most part we are enjoying it, but because we all know what everyone is doing all day long, there is not much to talk about at dinner. We’ve had some very quiet meals. Granted we are a family of mostly introverts so they were never loud. (I know that sounds amazing to some of you out there, but too much quiet can get weird fast). So I’ve been trying to come up with ways to encourage discussion or talking.

I thought maybe some interesting “On this day in history” facts or something might work. While looking up what happened today in history I found out that The Book of Mormon was published for the first time on this day in 1830. It seemed only logical to make some Did You Know? cards about the publishing of the Book of Mormon. I’ve included what I made as a free printable below. Cards seemed like a good option because then everyone could take turns sharing something. without seeing all the other ones. We will also probably incorporate looking up pictures of some of the people and places involved.

I hope it can help someone else with a church lesson, or Family Home Evening. Enjoy!


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