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Perfect for Music Teachers and Piano Lessons

This super simple game helps reinforce note values and an understanding of rhythm.

Each player will need 15-20 markers or chips. I use cute little erasers because they are easy to keep on hand. You will also need a 12 sided dice. I purchased this set of dice on Amazon for a little more than $5.

I keep it with my other piano lesson supplies. It has been nice to have a set of dice dedicated to piano lessons. For your turn you roll the dice and have to find a circle that has that number of beats in it. For example if you roll a two you will look for a circle that has only two beats. When you find it you mark it as yours. But watch out, if someone else rolls that number they can knock you out and place their own marker.

If you roll a number where you already have a marker, you can place a second marker which will lock that spot so no one can knock you out. Play continues until the whole board is locked. Whoever occupies the most circles wins.

I use this game to help introduce 16th notes. Because you are constantly recounting the beats, this game really helps reinforce an understanding of the different types of notes and rests.

You can find a link to download the pdf below.

piano lesson games from 1momagainstmoney.com


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