I am always amazed at how simple and effective some costumes are. Generally simple costumes work best using something that is easy to identify. Here are a few costume ideas using headbands made by the talented crafters of Etsy.


I don’t think there is a girl in the world that hasn’t pretended to be or have a unicorn. They are mysterious and beautiful and just plain cool. Help a girl become a unicorn with these amazing headbands.

headband costume ideas

Unicorn Horn by MetamorphoseShop

headband costume ideas

Golden Unicorn Headband by BohoHaloCompany


Dragons breathe fire, they fly and they are fierce. With these headbands all you have to do is add some wings and this costume is complete!

Headband Costume Ideas

Red Dragon Ears and Headband by WildwoodFloraFelt


Rosie The Riveter

I adore this costume idea and it is so easy, pretty much everyone has a denim shirt, and with a red polka dot headband and Rosie name patch you are set.

Headband Costume Ideas

Rosie by BlackCatStitches

Costume Headband Ideas

Rosie the Riveter 3 piece set by HoneycombMetropolis


Spider, Witch or Vampire

Classically spooky these Halloween costumes areeasy to do, wear some black and add your headband!

headband costume ideas

Halloween Spider Headband by BeSomethingNew

headband costume Ideas

Bat Headband by ByMazhurnaja

headband costume ideas

Mini Witch Hat Headband by lexicouture


Dress in emerald blues and add this headband to go as a peacock, or find a blue feather boa wear a blue dress and go as Mrs. peacock from the game Clue.

headband costume ideas


Peacock Feather Headpiece by TutuGorgeousGirl

headband costume ideas


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