We purchased a laser machine called a Glowforge about a year ago, and I finally feel like I understand it well enough to create things with it. A friend who loves Harry Potter and cooking recently had a birthday and I knew that a Harry Potter cutting board would be a perfect gift.

Ideas and Inspiration

The idea is not completely original. I pulled inspiration from a lot of Harry Potter inspired cutting boards I saw online to create one that fit her best.

Here are ideas of a few others:

I did not create a cut file to share because the Harry Potter trademark and all related items are very well guarded (something I’ve learned in the past). But I can tell you how to create your own.

How To Make a Harry Potter Cutting Board

For the font I used a free font called Magic School. You can find it at dafont.com

I fount a castle outline that I felt resembled Hogwarts on Pixabay.com.

The lightening bolt and the glasses outline was available in the Glowforge Design app images.

Engraving Settings

I found an acacia wood cutting board at Hobby Lobby and used the engraving set to Speed 535, Power at 75 and 270 Lines Per Inch.

My friend loved it! Hope this helps you create one of your own or one for a Harry Potter loving friend.


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