Scarf Tutorial

┬áThis really took me only twenty minutes. I had this t shirt that has been too small for me for years (pretty sure I got it in High School). But I haven’t gotten rid of it because I like it. I decided if I like it, I should find a way to wear it.

Step 1: Measure from the armpit seam to the end of the shirt and divide it in half. In my case it was 12 inches.

Step 2: Cut a straight line from under the armpit to under the other armpit. I had stripes already on my shirt so I just followed the stripes.

Step 3: Cut the 12 inch (or however many inches yours is. Longer shirts will just make a puffier scarf) piece in half.

Step 4: Cut along one short seam on each piece.

Step 5: Place right sides together on your two pieces.

Step 6: Sew open ends together so you have a big loop. And you are done. Jersey fabrics (what most t-shirts are made from) don’t really fray, they will kind of roll so you don’t have to do a hem on the cut edges.

How easy is that? I know our local thrift store has plain colored t-shirts all the time for $1. I could have a ton of super cute scarves for a small investment and just a little bit of time.


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