So, Kian my youngest is 16 months. Ever since he was born I’ve been losing weight…not necessarily intentionally. I mean I exercise and try to eat healty, but I am not actively trying to lose weight. And while I am glad the weight has come off, I am going to gripe a little. I now have a closet full of cute clothes that are too big. I am weighing in now closer to my weight in high school than my pre baby weight.

Okay everyone can commence hating me now, but for someone on a budget that doesn’t really have a lot of wiggle room for buying a lot of new clothes that is a problem. So I have been trying to find ways to modify the clothes I do have so that they will work.

While going through my closet I found a pair of jeans I’m pretty sure I bought in high school. And oh my the flare on them was huge! I wish I had taken a before picture. However they did fit well in the hips and waist. I figured I’m not wearing them anyway what do I have to lose? So I put them on, used pins to mark where I should cut on one of the legs. I cut the flare off, folded the pants over and used the one leg as a template for where to cut on the other one. Then turned the legs inside out and sewed up the open part. And voila! Now I have skinny jeans. I’ve worn them quite a few times.
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