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So I am not the greatest seamstress in the world. If I can do this anyone can. I had a couple of beautiful embroidered pillowcases. I love them, but they don’t really have a place to be in our home (we have 2 boys and the pillowcases are a little too feminine for my husband to be comfortable with them in the master bedroom). So when I came across this pin on pinterest: Vintage Pillowcase Skirt

I knew I had found a way to use at least one of these pretty pillowcases. I followed the tutorial found at Whip Up Tutorials (click picture to be taken to the link) except I added two darts in the front to make the skirt sit a little more flat around my waist.

I followed the hints and tips for making darts given in this video.

Then I added the elastic band etc. from the tutorial. It was super easy. I figured I had time so I might as well make a sash for it too. The sash is actually a shimmery purple, it looks black in the pictures. I just cut a long strip of the fabric for the sash (about 5 inches wide). Folded it in half. Sewed it together and then turned it right side out.

This project has made me look at all those vintage sheet sets etc. at the thrift store in a different way. Especially those single pillowcases that are often around 50 cents!
My cost for this girly addition to my wardrobe was nothing because I already had all the supplies. If you were buying the supplies I would estimate around $5. Not bad for a unique and cute skirt!
8-11-13 (6)

8-11-13 (20)IMG_2958

I had to share an up close view of the pretty embroidery work.


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