I’ve been seeing these everywhere and I knew I could do a budget friendly version so here we go!

Supplies needed:

Jute (I got mine at Dollar Tree)

Dark Brown Yarn

Light Brown Yarn

Cream Yarn

(You could use any color yarn really, but I was going for a neutral organic color scheme, and these were colors I had on hand)

Mop Head (also from Dollar Tree)

White thread

Quilters needle

2 wood beads (optional)


Remove three of the strands from the mop head. It was fairly easy to do on mine by just pulling.

Line up the ends, then measure in about 3 inches. This well be the “cloud” tassel end.

Tie your dark brown yarn at the three inch mark and then just begin wrapping. Wrap the warn close so that you don’t see the white cord beneath. Be sure to tuck the tail of your knot under the wrapped yarn. Do this until you get 3 inches from the opposite end and tie off tightly. I used a little hot glue to make sure the end stayed in place.

Now you need three more strands off the mop head. Curve your dark brown wrapped cord to a rainbow shape. Curve your next set of three underneath. You will want to cut off the excess on one end. I found about an 1 1/2 inches was about right, but it depends on the curve you create.

Now you will be following the same wrapping directions using the jute. Tie off at 3 inches from the end, wrap, then tie off at 3 inches from the end again. I kind of lined mine up with the first cord to make sure I had it lined up (and I still could have done a better job at it?)

You will repeat this process for the light brown and cream yarn.

For the white yarn I unraveled one of the mop strands, and used it just like the yarn, but if you have white yarn that would work too!

Finally after completing the wrapping, use the needle and thread on the back to keep the pieces together. I kind of worked across in a diagonal pattern.

Then I just added a small loop of jute with two wood beads, but that isn’t absolutely needed.

I unraveled the end tassels to make it look a little more full and I love how it turned out. I spent maybe $4. That’s a steal compared to the price of these on Etsy or Amazon.

You could also make the rainbow a little more chunky by using more of the mop head strands (there were plenty left over).


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