Our hall bath is the one my two boys share, it’s also most often the bathroom that guests use, so I had decorated it simply with some generic decorations. There was nothing wrong with it, but it just didn’t feel right. Here is a picture of how it started out:

A few days ago my boys were examining their rock collection, and I got an idea. They love rocks. They even asked for a rock tumbler for Christmas last year and have been dutifully waiting for their polished rocks to emerge. Their “collection” however was in a shoe box on a shelf in their room. That seemed silly for something that they enjoy so much. So I found some wood and some L brackets and got to work. I cut the wood to 28″ and painted it, then added the brackets and hung the shelves 6 inches apart on the wall.

The sign is actually the sign that was originally there, I just painted it and used my Cricut machine to cut out some vinyl. The boys spent time deciding where to put each rock, and we spread them out a bit. There is still plenty of room to add more rocks. Now we have a fun and personalized decorated bathroom. As my 6 year old put it, “It’s way cooler than before.” (Sorry about the yellowish lighting, this room gets no natural light).



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