I am very much inspired by the Farmhouse decor trend. I wouldn’t say my house is full on farmhouse decor, (I tend to be a little more minimalist) but I love that in much of farmhouse decor they take something practical and make it pretty, but still functional. For example this lovely idea from Stone Gable.


Cake plates are beautiful. Even though I love looking at them, I haven’t bought one because I couldn’t see myself using it very often, and I don’t have a lot of storage space. This is a perfect way to use one daily and enjoy it’s beauty and not have to worry about where to store it. Plus for those rare occasions when I actually want a cake stand I’ll have one. Check out her blog post for some other incredibly wonderful ways to use cake stands.

DIY Aged Galvanized Metal

This is ingenious. Read the complete DIY over at Little House of Four .

It uses cheap items most people have at home and an inexpensive container found at the dollar store. Win!


Paint Outdated Items

I really love finding great items at the thrift store, but sometimes the only things you find are outdated or seasonal decorations. That is easy enough to fix with some spray paint and lacquer. Check out the before on these over at The Painted Hinge. I love how something as simple as a layer of paint took them from 90’s blah to super chic. Keep in mind though that these aren’t safe for using as beverage containers.

This second example is so awesome. I love seeing the before and after. I love that there are people in the world who can look at the first pile of junk, see something beautiful and create something amazing! Check out her tutorial including paints she uses at Simply Beautiful by Angela.

Another example of painting items. She gives directions on how to make them look more like concrete rather than painted. How cool! They have a farmhouse subject, but a industrial vibe. Check out how she did it at My Creative Days.


Easy to Make Pillows

Pillows can change the entire look of a couch, chair or bed without breaking the bank. I love this idea. I see adorable towels all the time for great prices but I already have perfectly functional kitchen towels. This is a much cooler way to display them anyway! Check out the full tutorial at The Wood Grain Cottage.

Floating Wood Shelves

The functional/farmhouse/minimalist lover in me adores these shelves. They do a job (hold stuff), they aren’t super fussy or overly decorative (minimalist) but they still have fun organic charm (farmhouse). These would work well in a number of decor styles. See the full tutorial with great pictures at Hey Let’s Make Stuff.

Farmhouse Toolbox

One of these had to be included in my list. For some reason these just epitomize the farmhouse style for me. This tutorial at refreshstyle is incredibly easy to follow.

DIY Chalkboards

Who better to get farmhouse decor inspiration from than Joanna Gaines, the farmhouse queen! Chalkboards are fun, useful, and easy to make; all major parts of farmhouse decor. Check out the DIY tutorial over at Magnolia.com

Other Fun Chalkboard Ideas:

Rustic Farmhouse Chalkboard

Giant Chalkboard DIY

Old Window To Chalkboard


Trays make a group of items sitting on a table or counter look like they are supposed to be there. It’s a super sneaky decorating trick that I love. Below are some farmhouse inspired tray DIYs.



Build a French Farmhouse Tray with Scrap Wood & Free Printable!

DIY Farmhouse Tray From A Repurposed Cabinet Door

I’ll be sharing some of my own decor projects over the next month!



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