I did not take any before photos, because there was nothing to take a picture of.  Just blank white walls. I spent a fair amount of time figuring out what I wanted to do in this bathroom. It is the master bath, but it is definitely not one of those spacious master baths that a lot of people have now. There is a very small vanity. Just the sink basin and maybe 4 more inches around it. We put up a medicine cabinet mirror that has a good amount of storage so that helped, but under the sink there is only one cupboard door and 4 drawers. It wasn’t too easy to find places to store things, and I knew whatever “decorating” I did, needed to include a lot of functional but pretty storage. This is the wall behind the toilet:

The IKEA Fintorp Wall Storage is a major part of what makes this work. It was probably the most spendy part of the project coming in at about $50. It was actually something that I requested for a Christmas gift. It includes the rail, basket (no longer being offered by IKEA but I’ve found similar items that would work on Amazon), condiment container, utensil holder and hooks. The condiment holder is a great place to store our extra towels which freed up space in our linen (also very small) closet. I like that they are right where you need them too; never end up without a towel again 🙂  I purchased the plant from IKEA as well it was a .50 cent clearance item that looked a little sad, but it really bounced back. Since we have a skylight in our bathroom it gets good sunlight, but if you don’t get sunlight in your bathroom you might want to consider a fake plant.

These square pump jars were something I found in the Target Dollar Spot. I added the labels with a sharpie. The back two bottles contain mouthwash and fluoride. Again nice to have items we use on a regular basis in an easy to access place.

The milk bottle jars are one of my favorite things. I converted a few to have pumps with a mason jar kit from Micheal’s. My wonderful husband put a hole in the jars original lids so it would work. The kits are around $4, but I always used a 50% off coupon to get them. The jars hold toner, coconut oil, castor oil, leave in conditioner, witch hazel and foot lotion. All items I use daily in my beauty routine so it is super convenient. The tray the milk bottle jars are sitting on is actually a candle dish.

Finally the artwork in the frame is something I made. It is just printed on 8.5×11 paper, but the large mat (leftover fabric I had) helps it have a big impact. You can get the artwork in my Etsy shop here. I wanted to make sure I had artwork that would give me a good attitude to start the day with (and a great reminder any other time I happen to be in there).

This wall is directly across from the toilet and the shower is to the right of it. I had limited space to work with because the door to the bathroom also opens on this wall. There used to be a regular towel bar, but because we only have a shower and not a tub there was nowhere to put the bathmat. I did not want to leave the bathmat on the floor either because it is right next to the toilet and let’s be honest I live in a house full of boys…so yuck! Hooks were the way to go. They give you a lot more hanging ability in a much smaller space. The drugstore candy style jars are one of my favorite Dollar Store finds ever. I got them back in September to use in my son’s Harry Potter themed birthday party. They worked great for our “Honeydukes” candy table, but I knew I would love using them in the house too. They are holding q-tips, floss picks, cotton balls, makeup wedges and face scrubbies.

The final picture should pretty well explain the rest of it.

I hope sharing my bathroom makeover inspires you. If you are intimidated by decorating, bathrooms are a great place to start because they are smaller and have constraints. Fewer options makes it easier to narrow down what you want to do.  All in all, this cost me under $110 to do!


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