Lord of the Rings Dinner

My youngest son finished reading “The Fellowship of the Ring”. To encourage a love of reading we always celebrate with a dinner when he finishes a longer harder book. Tonight gets the bonus of introducing him to the movie too!

My son really loved the idea of The Shire, so I decided to theme the dinner around that. I did not go out and purchase anything other than food for this meal. I just gathered all the green and rustic/organic items I could find in my house.

This included most of our larger houseplants to create a green back drop. I also had a fake grass mat from a party to use as a table cloth, but a green table cloth would also work. I used brown or wooden serving dishes to keep things looking organic.

Our menu:

Roasted drumsticks


Snap Peas-The Hobbits are mostly farmers and tend to eat lots of natural foods so I stuck with those.

Little Smokies-seemed like something the Hobbits would enjoy

Lembas bread-Really just homemade rolls that I cut in semi rectangular shapes and wrapped in construction paper “leaves” with twine

Hard Boiled Eggs

Rings of Power-Peach rings

The One Ring Cake-a cake made in a Bundt pan and decorated with yellow icing and gold sprinkles

Apple “tarts”-really just a apple raspberry crumble with a pie crust base.

We had root beer in a tankard looking pitcher and water in another earthenware pitcher.

We played the movie soundtrack in the background while we ate and generally just had fun pretending we were jovial hobbits.


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