Poor Mans Beef Au Just Sandwiches

My husband loves these and they are very simple to make which I love.
So remember that lunch meat I got last week for .30 cents a package? Well I got two Beef packages to make these.

Poor Man’s Beef Au Jus Sandwiches

2 cubes Beef Boullion
2 cups water
1 tsp finely chopped onion or dried onion
2 packages Beef Deli Meat

Put water in a small saucepan, let boil add all other ingredients. Let simmer until cubes are dissolved. When ready to serve put beef on rolls and serve some of the broth with it for dipping.

That’s it! We also had spinach and tomatoe salad (both from our garden) along with blueberries that I got for .99 cents for a pint. The rolls were on Walmart’s bakery clearance rack for $1. We didn’t eat the entire pint of blueberries but for simplicity we’ll say the meal cost a grand total of $2.60. To feed 4 people!


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