Crazy Hair day ideas using Pipe Cleaners

Crazy hair day is a favorite school activity, but it can be a little stressful, especially if you remember the morning of, so I am sharing some ideas using pipe cleaners. If you have kids odds are you have at least a few of these around! Many of these ideas have links to tutorials, some are just the idea to use as a starting point for your own creativity. Today we will focus on crazy hair day using pipe cleaners for boys and girls. Let’s get crazy!

General Craziness

Pipe cleaners on their own are pretty crazy. They are colorful and bendy. Follow these inspired kiddos example and use them to create a crazy hair style.

I love this idea for any kiddos with short hair. What a great way for them to still participate in crazy hair day! It is also perfect if you have a child that doesn’t want to sit for a long time or that is bothered by their hair being up in an odd hairstyle. Here is a link to a quick tutorial on Instagram.

It’s an alien, it’s a monster, it’s crazy hair day! This is just the right level of wacky and easy enough for even a hair novice to do.

Adding pipe cleaners to any hair style can pump it up to crazy hair day levels!

Photo Credit: Artsy Fartsy Mama

Inspired By Nature

Crazy Hair Animals

Inspiration from the animal kingdom is a great idea for crazy hair day. Pipe cleaners can help you get tails, legs and crazy colors. Most of these work great for short hair too!

Lizard Head

There is a great tutorial for this over at Engineered Mama.

There are quite a few fun variations of this crazy hair day style:

Love the tongue on this one!

Flamingo Fun

Isn’t this one fabulous! Feathers add to the fun but aren’t totally necessary.

I didn’t find any tutorials for this one, but it should be a pretty simple bun and then add in the head and legs using bobby pins.

Holidays Crazy Hair Day Ideas

You can pull inspiration from an upcoming holiday for crazy hair day. Most holidays have some easily recognizable items to base a hair do on.

Valentine’s Day

Super simple but so cute! And it isn’t too crazy to be worn just for a fun hairstyle for the holiday of love.

There was no tutorial or link for this crazy Hair day style from Smirnah on pinterest, but it is probably very similar to the Cat ears tutorial found below.


Funny Bunny

What better to feature in the spring than a cute bunny?


Cat Ears

Some of these can definitely double as costumes including this cute kitty. Leave out the face paint and it’s perfect for wacky hair day. All you need is a couple pipe cleaners and bobby pins.

There is a great tutorial over at Cute Girl Hairstyles

Hello Pumpkin!

This pumpkin bun is perfect for a fall themed crazy hair day too!


There is a very thorough tutorial available for this fun halloween crazy hairstyle.

Get creative and make variations of these two ideas!

Ideas from lalasupdos on Instagram


Crazy hair day close to turkey day, this is a perfect idea! Idea created and shared on Pinterest by JBnickell.

Want a little more sophisticated look? Try out this slightly more subtle turkey hairstyle from Babes in Hairland.



It wouldn’t be Christmas without Rudolph making an appearance. There is an easy to follow tutorial for this funny festive hairstyle over at Princess Piggies

Peppermint Twist

How cute and easy are these candy inspired buns from Jehat Hair

Oh Christmas Tree!

No tutorial on this one but the original pin includes the description: “Crazy hair day -Xmas tree hair Made with styrofoam cone, pipe cleaners, star thingy, bells, and…love.” Can’t go wrong with that!

Need Crazy Hair Day ideas for a lego loving boy? Check out this post:


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