Candy Sushi

We try to do a family game night often. With our oldest in high school and with more activities it has taken a bit more effort to make them happen. For us it helps to make it kind of a “big deal” by having a theme and maybe fun food planned. Otherwise we are more likely to push it off and say we will do it another day. This was one of our recent game nights and we all had a good time. We had sushi for dinner from our favorite local place. Our 9 year old was finally brave enough to try it and discovered he likes it!

Then we played a few rounds of Sushi Go. It is a great card game. Easy to learn, quick to play, involves some strategy thinking and math. If you haven’t played it before you can check out the tutorial video.

It really is fun and one of our most played games.

You can find it at most stores or Amazon if you click the image below.

After playing we made our own candy sushi. I am certainly not the first one to come up with this idea. There are amazing examples of candy sushi all over the internet and pinterest. We used Rice Krispie Treats, fruit leather or fruit roll ups, Swedish Fish, jelly beans and licorice; with the occasional random pieces of other candy we had in the house. We made them on wax paper just to make sure things didn’t stick. We had too much fun making them and made way more than we could eat, but they were fun to take as dessert in lunches.

I hope this encourages you to put together a game night with your family or friends!


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