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This game has quickly become a family favorite. It’s easy to learn. It’s quick to set up and play (15-20 minutes per game). It is fun and challenging for everyone from my husband and I, down to the 6 year old. There are plenty of games we can all play but there is generally some kind of compromise because of the age differences, but not with this game, which is awesome! There is a reason it won awards as the best game of 2017.

The basic idea is that it is similar to dominoes where you draw dominoes and place them. Except with a twist, you are trying to build your kingdom and there are strategic ways to build it so that you earn more points and win. 

I love that it is also educational. The point system requires multiplication and addition (we make both kids do their own). In fact playing this game was the moment when the concept of multiplying clicked for Kian (6). This game also requires you to plan a couple steps ahead, you have to make sure your grid will work together. When you draw the dominoes you are supposed to place them in order from low to high and my 6 year old has learned a lot by being in charge of drawing and placing the dominoes. There is also a major element of luck in this game so we’ve all had to practice dealing with disappointment when the card we hoped for wasn’t what we got. 

It’s all around a perfect family game; ideal for giving as a gift or for in a classroom. We plan on getting the extension pack for it for our family gift for Christmas. Everything I’ve read says it adds another level of challenge and fun.

We are always looking for fun family games. Share any suggestions you have in the comments!


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