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A practice challenge is a great way to help music lesson students develop the habit of practice. I change mine up at least every couple of months so that my students don’t get bored.

The Spring Easter Bunny Trail practice challenge is a favorite that I get out at least every other year. Most of my students call it the Easter Egg Hunt Challenge.

Supplies Needed

Free printable Bunny Trail Practice Challenge Sheet

Small prizes

Plastic Easter Eggs 1 in each color; blue, green, orange and pink (or 2 in each color, I like to have two sets so that I don’t have to refill eggs in between lessons).

How It Works

Print out the practice board below. It’s free to download!

I laminate mine and collect them from the students at the end of the challenge so I don’t have to make new ones every year. Then they just check off each day that they practice with a dry erase marker. Or you can print them and just have them use a pencil or pen to mark off each day.

When the student comes to lessons they get to “hunt” for eggs that correspond to the number of days they practiced. I try to encourage them as much as possible so the breakdown is:

2 days of practicing = 1 egg

5 days of practicing = 2 eggs

7 days of practicing = 3 eggs

The eggs have different prizes inside. I use small wrapped Easter candy, fun erasers or notes that they get to play a favorite game or pick a prize from the treasure box.

The color of the first egg they find correlates to their challenge for the week. So if they find the blue egg first, their challenge for the week is to practice a section that is hard for them at least 3 times in a row. We star their challenge for the week so they remember.

I teach ages ranging from 6 to 16 and even my tween and teen students are motivated by the practice challenge even if they act like it is a little silly and they are too old for it. There is a marked difference in their commitment to practicing when they are participating.

Hope this helps your students too! Click the download link to download without the watermark.

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